Reklamations policy

Since all products sold at the auction are owned by the fisherman himself and can also be inspected on site, special circumstances are required to be able to complain about a purchased lot. If the item purchased at the auction is still not of such quality that it can be consumed in the end, the buyer must contact the Fish Auction immediately, and we will help you with the matter.

This must be done before 07.00 the next day that the item is purchased.

The complaint can call or email and must also describe the actual matter in the Complaint Form which is available on the website or at the fish auction. The notification itself is not a reason for crediting, but the item must also be sent to the fish auction for an inspection, and only then can a decision be made about a complaint and possible crediting. It is important that the purchase is returned in its entirety, i.e., that all products in the delivery are returned. In other words, it is not possible to pick out individual fish from a purchased box and then complain about a few.

It is also important that all documentation accompanies the product back, such as packaging, delivery note and preferably photos if it can help in handling and assessment.

If the fish auction staff does not find the item defective with sufficient defects, the complaint will not be accepted. If a complaint is made after the above-mentioned time indications, it must be addressed directly to the supplier / fisherman. It then becomes a settlement directly between buyer and supplier / fisherman. The fish auction provides the customer with contact information when needed and a possible settlement must be notified to the fish auction by the supplier / fisherman in order for invoicing and settlement to be correct.