Welcome as a customer to Smögen´s and Stockholm Fish Auktions

By becoming a customer, you also get access to the following auctions at no extra cost:

Smögen’s Fish Auction: Smögen, the seafood capital, is a guarantor of high quality of, among other things, shrimp, crayfish and whole fish from the West Coast and the North Sea.

Stockholm Fish Auction: Sweden’s and one of Europe’s largest auctions for freshwater fish.

Danish Fish Auctions, DFA: Thyborön, Hvide Sande and Thorsminde. Here are mainly whole fish from the North Sea.

You sign an agreement on one or more user keys (500 € / extra Key) that can be used on the mobile or computer.

Det finns två alternativ för att bli kund:

  • An annual fee of 1420 € or
  • Auction price + 6% on everything you buy.
  • If you know that the purchases will be more than about 350,000 SEK / year, alternative 1 is most profitable today.
  • You also need a bank guarantee of at least SEK 50,000 provided to us.
  • Payment is made by direct debit no later than the fifth banking day after the date of purchase.
  • Both options add shipping.
  • The application is physically sent to Smögen’s Fish Auction.


Application to become a customer

Contact information

Smögens Fish Auction
Fiskhamnsgatan 31
456 51  Smögen
Switchboard: 0523 – 66 55 40
Auktionshallen: 0523-66 55 44

Stockholms Fish Auction
Fiskhallsvägen 4
120 44  Årsta
Switchboard: 08 – 410 143 50

Auction days

Stockholm has an auction on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesdays we start after Smögen Auktionen and on Thursdays 07:00.

Smögen has Monday-Thursday, depending on the availability of seafood also Thursdays 16:00. The auction usually starts at 08:00 in the morning or immediately after Hvide Sande.

DFA has an auction Monday – Friday depending on fish supply.

Information about start time and access to fish can be obtained via Whatsapp, before 06:00 on the auction day, and on our website. Whatsapp no to Smögen +46790185361 and to Stockholm it is +46708148850.

On the website, you can also see the day before what is pre-registered for the auction. We are happy to show you how the auction clock works so you can get started.