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To customers and suppliers to the Stockholm and Smögen Fish Auction.

The board would like to announce that today, February 1st, we are hiring Magnus Johansson as CEO of the group and we look forward positively with Magnus as company leader for our auctions and Resursfisk AB.
Many of you probably know Magnus from before, as he has until now been site manager at Smögen’s Fish Auction.
At the same time, we want to thank you for a good cooperation with us at the Stockholm and Smögen Fish Auction and we look forward to continued good cooperation with you!

/The board through chairman Mats Eriksson


Stockholm’s Fish Auction will end with a Friday auction due to transport problems. New auction day will be Thursdays. We will have auction Tuesdays starting after Smögen and Thursdays starting at 07.00.

Stockholm Fish Auction wishes you all a pleasant summer.


Welcome to Swedish Fish Auctions

Swedish Fish Auctions is a collective name for Smögen’s Fish Auction and Stockholm’s Fish Auction

Smögen’s Fish Auction is one of Sweden’s leading fish auctions in shellfish since 1919. Here you will find the famous Smögen prawn and Smögen langoustine. These are caught by small coastal fishing boats that deliver fresh seafood and fish to Smögen’s Fish Auction on a daily basis.

Stockholm’s Fish Auction is one of Europe’s largest digital auctions for lake fish and crayfish. The fish auction started in 2016 to get closer to the fishermen and the Stockholm market. Freshwater fish comes from lakes in Sweden.

Both Smögen’s fish auction and Stockholm’s fish auction are MSC marked. We are completely digital fish auctions. You can sit where you want and safely buy quality goods from your computer or phone. We have about a hundred satisfied customers both in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Product information

Smögen prawns

Fresh shrimp from Skagerack have been landed on Smögen for over 100 years.

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Smögen the crayfish

Now you can enjoy with a clear conscience freshly cooked MSC-certified crayfish.

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