In order for everyone to agree on the size and class to which the product belongs, we have a system that everyone must use. Some fish species are sorted by the EU. There are species that are sorted according to measurements by Svensk Fisk but which are not controlled by the EU and there are fish and shellfish that are sorted according to practice.

Classification of fish
When it comes to seafood, we use the criteria used in the rest of Europe.

E+ Alive
E Highest quality
A+ Best quality in the A-class
A Medium quality within the A-class

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Quality and freshness respectively
The quality has no direct connection with the freshness, although of course it affects the whole. It can be completely freshly caught fish that is, for example, lean or otherwise deviates from the norm, which gives a lower quality rating, but it can also be yesterday’s fish that is perfect. Catch day is written as a separate note. When it comes to seafood, it is the color and gloss that is rated.

All boxes must be marked with the ship’s name, date of capture, product and size. A total landing report must also be submitted. The staff at the auction makes an ocular assessment, so that the item is correctly classified. However, it is the supplier who is ultimately responsible for the quality of the product.

Classification of shrimp
Smögens Fish auction has an ambition to give our customers credible information about the goods we sell. Most of our customers do not see the product they are buying and have to rely on information from elsewhere. As part of being able to provide good information, we are introducing a new quality labeling system for cooked shrimp. The auction clock will show 2 numbers, for example 55. The first number stands for how shiny the shrimp is, and the second number stands for color according to the following tables.

5 Very glossy
4 Blank
3 Medium
2 Dry on the shell
1 Very dry on the skin

5 Extremely red – Type Fjordräka
4 Very red – Type North Sea shrimp
3 Normal red – Normally colored Skagerak shrimp
2 Slightly pale – Basic shrimp in the spring
1 Very pale

This assessment will be made by the auction of each lot put up for sale.